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7-26-2021: Lynch Livestock Enhances Compliance Efforts, Commits to Making Pork Producers Whole

    Pork Marketing

Lynch Livestock's pork marketing division currently operates 39 locations in the Midwest States.

These operations are succesfful because of Lynch Livestock's ability to market different qualities and weights of animals specifically to packing plants around the United States.

These packing plant relationships have developed over many years by providing quality and service to meet the needs of the packing plant industry. With locations in eight Midwest states, producers have easy access to Lynch Livestock marketing facilities to save on transportation cost.

Lynch Livestock has adopted stringent biosecurity protocols to minimize and limit the spread of infectious diseases. From cleaning and disinfecting of trailers to ensuring that our stations are clean, we understand that to protect our Pork Producers customers, that bio security is the first and best defense.

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