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Lynch BBQ - Seasoning & Sauce History

After years of catering and experimenting with several flavors, Gary Lynch, owner and president of Lynch Livestock, Inc., decided it was time to create our own seasoning blends. The goals were to find flavors that enhanced the meat and to marinate more efficiently. Lynch's Steak Seasoning and Lynch's Sweet Rib Rub were developed and were used to enhance pork tenderloins, ribs and prime rib.

As the customer base for catering grew, so did the demand for the various cuts of meat. Lynch's Butt Rub and Lynch's Steak & Chop were developed. The diversity of flavors in these seasoning helped expand the variety of meats that were cooked. Menus for catering now included beef brisket, pork loin, buttered mushrooms and assorted vegetables.

Custom blended barbecue sauces came next, with Lynch's mild and Lynch's Extra Spicy being added to the mix. These sauces allowed the development of Lynch's signature style BBQ Baked Beans, which are served at over 86% of all our catering jobs. These sauces also allowed the development of Lynch's BBQ Pulled Pork, offering a unique rich flavor to this meat.

Early in 2001 it was decided to expand the product line to include Lemon Pepper. Fish and chicken were becoming popular requests and the rich citrus flavor accented these meats wonderfully. 2002 and the spicy food rage brought about the Rajun' Cajun seasoning, a sweet and fiery blend of spices.

Lynch's seasonings, BBQ sauces and butt rubs have won multiple Taste of Excellence Awards from the National BBQ Association