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Sustainability Committment - Lynch Subdivisions

We recognize the way we conduct business today will impact future generations and are committed to doing it in a way that allows us to benefit our employees, our business partners, our communities and our environment.

THE LYNCH COMPANIES Lynch Livestock, Inc., headquartered in Waucoma, Iowa, is a diverse company with multiple facets that allows the company to meet the needs of their customers.

As a family-owned agricultural business, Gary and his family offer over 95 years of experience in the pork & beef industry. With years of experience in marketing and relationships with producers and packing plants, Lynch Livestock is a leader in the pork industry. As the face of agriculture is continuously evolving, Lynch Livestock looks to provide exceptional customer service, the latest technology and highly resourceful market information to its customers.

Today the Lynch Companies include; Lynch BBQ, Premium Iowa Pork, GJL Farms, PCI Advisory Services, American Farmers Insurance, Spillville Mill, Waucoma Tire Company, Wagoner Brothers Repair, Livestock Express and numerous Pork Marketing Locations throughout the Midwest.

Each business unit follows a variety of environmentally sound practices in their day-to-day operations including:

  • Generation of electricity through solar panels
  • Water conservation of nearly 50% due to condensation scalding process vs standard scald tub process at PIP
  • Water conservation through replacement of traditional pig drinkers with wet-dry feeding systems.
  • Construction of new truck wash in 2015 with improved solid separation system that will reduce water needed to clean trucks and trailers.
  • Utilization of Huber Press system to remove solids from sludge in waste water
  • Improved technology to conserve natural gas on singe line to only run when carcasses are present
  • Working with local vendor to utilize hog hair in composting system, thus reducing by 50% landfill waste from the de-hairing process
  • Utilization of livestock manure and soiled bedding for crop fertilizer
  • Shredding and recycling of paper products for bedding and compost
  • Recycling of printer and toner supplies
  • Donation of used phones and computers to charitable organizations
  • Recycling of cardboard products
  • Recycling of plastic products
  • Placement of aluminum can receptacles at various locations
  • Recycling and reuse of pallets
  • Recycling of used oil, filters, antifreeze, batteries and metal
  • Replacement of incandescent bulbs with more efficient alternatives such as CFL and LED throughout facilities and offices
  • Reclamation of unwanted concrete for road/driveway resurfacing
  • Implemented recommendations from a Level II Energy Audit to conserve approximately 60,000 KWH per year

Sustainability Committment - The Lynch Family Foundation

  • Lynch Family Foundation Logo

The Lynch Family Foundation was created to support individuals in financial need due to economic, health or related issues and to help fund other charitable organizations involved with supporting children and youth services, education, health, human services, arts and culture.

The foundation also awards scholarships to individuals seeking post-secondary education for both traditional and non-traditional students.

Gary and his family realize the special opportunities to help support individuals and programs and created the foundation as a portal to assist qualified applicants.

Since 1996, the Foundation has raised over two million dollars. In recent years fund raising assistance has been provided for the following charities and causes:

  • MARS Foundation, funding research to cure multiple sclerosis
  • Robert A. Lynch Scholarship, post-secondary opportunity honoring Gary Lynch’s deceased brother that was a teacher upon Robert’s death in 1972
  • IFFAA - Iowa Foundation For Agricultural Advancement
  • Coaches Versus Cancer Fundraiser
  • Minnesota Vikings Children’s Fund
  • Ed Thomas Foundation
  • Extreme Home Makeover Edition
  • Relay for Life American Cancer Society
  • Local charities and opportunities based on needs